Agile Developer Skills

What is the ADS Course?

The purpose of this three day course is to prepare developers for work on Agile teams by providing them with the technical foundations and techniques necessary for unlocking the full potential of Agile Development. The course is intended to provide detailed guidance and experience on the necessary and desirable practices of Agile development.

After leaving this class, students will be able to sustain a Scrum/Agile Project with the technical skills which they have learned in class. Organizations that wish to gain even more value should consider having the development team attend the class together.

What skills do I come away with?

  • Practice Collaborative Development Techniques
  • Experience Pair Programming
  • Rehearse Sustainable Pace
  • Utilize Test-Driven Development
  • Practice Acceptance Testing
  • Implement Simple Design
  • Incorporate Refactoring
  • Leverage Continuous Integration
  • Apply Coding Standards

How is the course run?

This is an interactive, collaborative workshop using thoughtfully crafted simulations, lecture and discussion. The class is code intensive with requirements for both individual and group design and coding in class. All courses are run by master agile craftsmen with expensive agile development, coaching, and teaching experience.

How should I prepare?

Students should bring a laptop with Java and Eclipse installed for the pair programming exercises. (If you don’t have one, you will be paired with someone who does)

How does this benefit me?

  • Taught by some of the most prominent instructors in the Agile world
  • Learn techniques for exposing inadequate designs early in a project
  • Gain proof that you know more than just language syntax
  • Fulfills the technical training requirement for becoming a CSD
  • Learn to hone your XP-style technical practices
  • Covers 3 of the 5 five days of formal training required to earn a Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) credential.

More Information

This course is for

This course is designed for developers who are experienced in Java on the Eclipse platform who want to sharpen their Agile development skills.

This includes recent graduates with a few years of experience who wish to learn Extreme Programming techniques to the code-hardened veteran programmers, who may want to gain even more techniques and experience with programming in an Agile environment.

Find a Course Near You

The Agile Developer Skills course is being offered all over the world. Check our course schedule to see when we will be near you.

If you have a team of developers and are interested in group pricing, contact our training coordinator for Corporate pricing and scheduling.