Agile Developer Skills

A software developer, or someone in a role close to software development, such as testing, would want to take this class to get a good foundation in the software engineering practices that are usually associated with Agile work.

 - Dave Nicolette

They are going to be exposed to techniques that are going to help them accelerate their knowledge, their understanding.

- Jeff Morgan

If you don't have a lot of experience in creating software in short iterations and doing well at that, then there are lots of things you can learn from other people, from the instructors, from working together.

- George Dinwiddie

Anyone interested in improving their craft as both an agilist and a developer should attend this course.

- Michael Norton

Somebody who has never experienced agile before will get a great grounding in the agile principles and practices, specifically XP, all the way to the advanced where they get a chance to maybe hone their skills and learn some things, or at least look at things a little bit differently than maybe they have before.

- Paul Nelson

It is reflecting a pretty good real world experience from many projects that I've had, and it's allowing us as a team to experience a lot of the same things that happen in the real world but in a short timeframe.

- Jon Kern

It introduces you to the mechanics that are required to do Agile development hands on, to actually work with it in the field, actually to produce the code.

- Cory Groves

We hope that people will go away inspired to learn all the things that are necessary to learn to really be a good professional programmer.

- Ron Jeffries

A lot of the other training is somewhat more abstract and works at the higher levels, where this is the hands on, how you get the job done.

- Cory Groves

Test Driven Development, pair programming, time boxed iterations, refactoring techniques...

- Paul Nelson

Going through the class and experiencing it with the other people, of hitting the obstacles and working through them, are the kinds of skills you don't get from the books. You know, really living it, finding out what works and doesn't and how you work through it.

- Chris Bratt

The CSD is a great class for any developer who is interested in becoming a passionate craftsman.

- Paul Nelson

I would highly recommend to any developers, who are either new to Agile development or are looking at getting into that, either through their organization or on their own part.

- Cory Groves

If you are working on Scrum software development projects, we think it is important to be exposed to these ideas.

- Chet Hendrickson

Come, take the CSD class, it will do wonders for your skill set.

- Cory Groves

I think whether you are a beginner with agile and just wanting to move into an agile team and need to know what is going on.  Or if as is often the case, you're agile team doesn't appear to be clicking, taking this course will expose you to the stuff you really need to know.

- Ron Jeffries