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Why train with Agile Skills Network?

Extreme Programming Installed

We are a Scrum Alliance Registered Educational Provider (REP) comprised of passionate and experienced practitioners. Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson and LeanDog are partnering to provide the best possible Agile skills training. The Agile Developer Skills (ADS) Course was written by some of the most prominent instructors in the Agile world, Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson, who have 30 years of combined Agile experience.

Ron is one of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto and was the on-site coach on the very first Extreme Programming project in 1996.

Chet was the Agile Manifesto's first signatory and is one of the authors, in collaboration with Ron, of one of the Agile communitiy's best selling books, Extreme Programming Installed.

Ron and Chet have carefully chosen their network of approved trainers for the most effective developer training in the world.

We have graduated more CSD candidates than any other company!

Who are we?

About the network

The Agile Skills Network is a group of passionate Agile trainers seeking to enhance the use of Agile techniques by sharing Agile practices with the community. We are comprised of experienced practitioners who have trained, consulted, researched, and written about Agile techniques for decades. Many in the network helped to pioneer the Agile movement by creating many of the Agile techniques that we use today.

We are dedicated to furthering our profession by improving the way we work. There are hundreds of blogs that talk about the problems that exist in our environment; we choose to offer a solution… training. Even the most experienced expert can benefit from periodic skill advancement and refresher training in order to maintain sharpness. The Agile Skills Network seeks to “transform the way we work” by providing the community access to the world class trainers and indepth analysis of agile techniques for the community.